Fiona Ledgard is a Manchester based, fully qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, delivering fitness classes at Manchester Metropolitan University and Platt Lane Sports Complex.
Fiona specialises in one on one progressive training programmes, couples training, group sessions: LBT, circuit training, high intensity interval training, spin, boot camps and Box Fit sessions.
Training with Fiona will give you the results you want, whether you are working towards toning, muscular definition, weight loss or building cardiovascular endurance.
Having worked with a variety of clients of all ages and abilities, Fiona is experienced in working with those with advanced fitness levels, those with injuries and those who are completely new to exercise and fitness. Fiona is passionate, motivated, and confident that she can help you meet your short and long term fitness and nutritional goals, whilst enjoying it along the way.
In her spare time she enjoys yoga, dancing, swimming and gym based exercise.


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During Nutrition & Hydration Week 2018 The Lovely Eggs talk about FOOD!

In my opinion, they’re one of the best bands on the planet. Holly and David are from Lancaster. They make awesome music and  they tour the UK and beyond – living the punk rock lifestyle – all the time. They’ve just finished a pretty much sell out UK tour with support from Phill Jupitus and Mr … Continue reading During Nutrition & Hydration Week 2018 The Lovely Eggs talk about FOOD!

It’s Nutrition & Hydration Week! @NHWeek #NHWeek2018

And today I’m going to share some fascinating information about food and water! Since learning these things about these types of food, I actively fit these foods into my diet more and I really do feel healthier! Let’s start with HONEY:  Honey helps with allergies, boosts your memory and energy levels, prevents coughs, reduces problems … Continue reading It’s Nutrition & Hydration Week! @NHWeek #NHWeek2018

International Women’s Day / Week!

Reflections on a brilliant week, International Women’s Day and this weekend. I spent a lot of Monday and Tuesday preparing for one of the highlights of my career to date. On Tuesday evening, I delivered 2 F.I.T Classes as part of the #MMUSylvia programme of events at Manchester Metropolitan University, celebrating the life and contribution … Continue reading International Women’s Day / Week!

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