International Women’s Day / Week!

Reflections on a brilliant week, International Women’s Day and this weekend.

I spent a lot of Monday and Tuesday preparing for one of the highlights of my career to date. On Tuesday evening, I delivered 2 F.I.T Classes as part of the #MMUSylvia programme of events at Manchester Metropolitan University, celebrating the life and contribution of Sylvia Pankhurst.

I started the first session talking about some of the fascinating things that’s Sylvia did, and reminded everyone to take a moment, and think about the fact that it’s thanks to Sylvia and so many other women, that women like us have th right to be enjoying big exercise classes in an educational establishment! We linked our workout to the fact that it’s 100 years since the first set of women were given the right to vote in this country, and over the course of 2 sessions, everyone did 100 squats, 100 lunges, 100 push ups, 100 seconds holding plank, and much more!

Students listened intently, asked questions and then went on to smash out 2 amazing fitness sessions!


In in relation to women in sport right now, women are still hugely underrepresented in the list of the highest paid athletes in 2017.

However, here’s a list of the most influential women in sport right now! Look and learn!

This Girl Can is an incredible campaign. So effective and so cool. I’m grateful to have been involved in the campaign earlier this year at MMU Sport, during #ThisMMUGirlCan Week.

On International Women’s Day I enjoyed listening to a Lauren Laverne interview with movie goddess, campaigner and director, Susan Sarandon. Highly recommended listening. Listen now!



I then smashed out my Thursday evening spin class and high intensity interval training sessions at Platt Plane Sports Complex, with sensational female-fronted playlists!


Check out this photo album I compiled of awe inspiring images of women in sport from times before!

Last night my band played a super cool women-led club night in Leeds! We really enjoyed sharing the stage with FEMALE TROUBLE. All proceeds from the event are going to SARSVL (Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds)


And tonight, I can’t wait to go dancing at The Refuge, Manchester. It’s the Suffragette City closing party with a whole host of amazing women DJs from the Manchester music scene and beyond!




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