During Nutrition & Hydration Week 2018 The Lovely Eggs talk about FOOD!


In my opinion, they’re one of the best bands on the planet. Holly and David are from Lancaster. They make awesome music and  they tour the UK and beyond – living the punk rock lifestyle – all the time. They’ve just finished a pretty much sell out UK tour with support from Phill Jupitus and Mr Ben & the Bens. They’re everything a band should be, and of course, they’ve got amazing taste in music.


Their live shows bring the wildest energy, with an infectious fun and down to earth attitude. I’ve seen them play many a time, and every time I leave a gig, my face is hurting from laughing and smiling so much! LOOK HOW HAPPY I WAS WHEN THEY PLAYED MY 30TH BIRTHDAY PARTY!


Their dedication to keeping it real, keeping it DIY and supporting local music scenes is so refreshing. It is no surprise that they have such a massive following, and here is one of the many reasons why. They invite people to see the world from their eyes, and food plays a big part in this (as well as their obsessions with Twin Peaks, Richard Brautigan, and their passion for partying, and encouraging people to absolutley lose themselves in music) I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE for what this band is about!


To raise awareness about Nutrition & Hydration Week, I asked Holly and David a few questions about food! Photos by Darren Andrews.

Food pops up a lot in your music. Could you elaborate on your love of food?
I’m just quite interested in something that is a bodily function, like an actual live or die necessity but people take so much enjoyment in it. It fascinates me. I think it’s more a philosophical thing and what food represents than the actual eating of food itself.

What are your favourite kinds of food?
To be honest usually in the realms of junk. You can’t beat a good pizza or a veggie burger. Also chips, onion rings, maybe a pasty you know that kind of s**t. I mean don’t get us wrong we eat healthy too but we’ve been brought up on junk, lived on junk all through our partying days and you still can’t beat a bit of it!


What sort of things do you eat when you’re on tour?
It’s usually pizza! And there’s a LOT of carrot sticks and houmous knocking about! Can’t beat a home cooked meal when yer on tour though. Just love a proper tea.

1BDFDC14-6DBC-4F97-B54A-F093E2BD9610Your music videos are surreal, psychedelic, playful and fun. Could you say a few words about the ideas behind the iconic music videos for your (food related) tracks ‘Food’, ‘Magic Onion’ and ‘Allergies’?
Well Food came really naturally cos it had LOADS of imagery about food in it. In that song I wanted to blur the lines between sex and food cos for some people they love eating so much they think it’s better than sex. So In that song I wanted to create a story around a couple who just come together once a month to eat!

That’s how powerful food can be! Food can make everything better. Can’t it? So I liked the weird idea of a platonic relationship based around food. So with that it was a bit slapstick, just bunging as many images of weird food there as we could and of course there’s the couple snogging whilst eating at the same time. They were complete strangers you know!

In Magic Onion, well the onion isn’t really edible in that one it’s just representative of the many layers of life and the universe.

In Allergies, Casey Raymond (the director) just did loads of egg related images in it cos he knew I hated them. He likes to find out what pisses you off and then does it. That’s why he put my face in an omelette. Cos he knew I hated egg puns. He might say different but I know that was the real reason! He is one of our best mates though and it is an amazing video so he is allowed!!

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?

ANYTHING while drunk. It always tastes the best!!


Thank you Holly and David ❤️

Listen to this beautiful track they wrote about their friend who passed away, using all kinds of food related language to show that they would have loved to have been able to protect and look after him:

One more thing! Watemelons is really cute too:

And if all of this wasn’t exciting enough, they have a new album out: THIS IS EGGLAND! Words can’t describe how much I love this album. From start to finish. It is perfection. It is a thing of uplifting psychedelic surreal pop punk bliss. It is their best album, ever.


If you like raw originality, musicality and humour, and would like to hear more of their tracks about things other than food, check out their brilliant back catalogue, check out their new album and go see them play in Manchester on 5th May! They’re playing The Ritz with The Membranes, Sink Ya Teeth, The Cravats and more… GET YOUR TICKETS HERE AND GET INVOLVED!

Feast your eyes on this SPELLBINDING VIDEO for their latest single Wiggy Giggy! Eat your heart out!

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