Top 10 Spin Tracks!

“I feel like I’ve been to a rave!”

“When I come out of your spin class I feel like I’ve been clubbing!”

“I sweat more in your class than ever!”

“I can feel my fitness level getting better because of your spin classes.”


I keep receiving wonderful feedback for my spin classes. I love teaching spin at Platt Lane Sports Complex. Every time I come away feeling truly energised after a real workout!

I mix it up with the music and the moves, so no two classes are the same. I work with the beats, the bass lines, the climatic builds and the drops.

Here are my 10 favourite tracks at the moment, that fill me with joy and drive me to motivate people to push themselves (and keep pushing themselves) to sprint, hill climb, ‘cycle through the tunnel’ and much more!

Want to come to a class? Here’s the timetable. You can book onto classes by calling the reception. Then come to the Leisure Dome at Platt Lane Sports Complex, walk through the reception, turn down the corridor to the right, keep walking and you’ll find the spin studio and lots of friendly faces.

Reception: 0161 247 5605

Bring your towel, a water bottle and LET’S HAVE IT!!!

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