So the Spice Girls Dance-A-Thon was loads of fun!


Here’s a photo of everyone who stayed dancing right until the end! Well done! Thank you everyone involved, the Spice Up organisers, box office staff and the Manchester Central security team. Big love to one of the security team who joined in! I loved *every minute* leading the Spice Girls dance session! I encouraged everyone to sing along as well as give it their all dancing, and they did!


Some of my amazing friends came along, check out my ILL band mates posing with me in the Spice Bus! The Spice Up exhibition has been extended until the end of September and can now be found in The Great Northern!


My Zumba classes are going from (high energy) strength to strength. Just received some lovely feedback from Chloe: ‘I LOVE IT! Really enjoyed being offbeat and free styling and it felt like a space to be able to do that too. You’re really great Fi’


My next Zumba challenge will be learning the officical Zumba Instructor Network choreography to the sizzling Level Up track by Ciara. It’s such a cool track, it was no surprise when I learned that Missy Elliott had been involved in the creative process. What a track, about self-improvement and getting better and better at whatever you do.

If you like this video (I love it) you should watch the ‘making of’ video. The video is spellbinding and showcases how extremely far music video choreography has come in the last few years.

Watch how the dancers learn and MOVE! So much respect for PARRI$ what a legend!

But don’t be scared off, my Zumba classes will soon feature this track musically, but with moves way more accessible than in this video! You don’t need to be a professional dancer to enjoy dancing with conviction in a Zumba class, you just need to be ready to have fun!


Everyone (18+) is welcome. My Zumba classes are every Wednesday 6-7pm at Platt Lane Sports Complex in Fallowfield. Prices: Public £4.70 / MMU Student £4.20 / Other students, MMU & MMC Staff £4.40 / Concession £2.45

TODAY I GOT A BBC RADIO SHOUTOUT FROM ONE OF MY HEROES, TALKING ABOUT DANCE (IN CAPITAL LETTERS)! I am so excited to go dancing at Lucky Cloud Sound System this Sunday in London with my friend Caroline. I’m still buzzing from hearing Lauren Laverne do a BBC Radio 6 Music shout out to us today, when talking about listeners weekend plans! LISTEN AGAIN 25 mins in:


The featured photo at the top of this blog is me posing with another one of my heroes: FIERCE DANCER / Manchester legend / northern powerhouse / Mother of The House of Ghetto Darren Pritchard. After one of Darren’s most enjoyable Vogue Workshops I’ve ever experienced, part of Superbia, during Manchester Pride Weekend, we were *totally feeling ourselves* and we had just been told that there was steam coming from the room!


Photo by JA G Wallis

I also have some really exciting news coming up about a dance event I will be leading at Halloween! Stay tuned! 💀💃🏻⚡️💋


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