‘Inspiring Women’ Talk at ITV, MediaCityUK

Above image from campaignlive.co.uk


Photo by Joanna Lewis

They say you should do one thing every day that scares you. And on Wednesday I threw myself into something new: Motivational speaking. I actually felt really calm and collected, thanks to feeling well prepared with my PowerPoint presentation, and smashing out a yoga session in the morning.

I delivered a talk about my journey so far in Fitness, Music & Wellbeing. I loved every minute!


It is truly fantastic that the Women’s Network at ITV, MediaCity are hosting these lunchtime motivational speaking events. Members of staff from all over MediaCity (ITV, BBC, Kellogg’s) came along to see me speak about my work that empowers people to start gym based exercise, train independently and feel amazing, and how they can motivate themselves to do the same.


Photo by Joanna Lewis

I was given a microphone to clip to my collar. I told the wonderfully cooperative tech support cameraman Mark where I would like to stand with regard to being filmed. Then I learned just before going live that the talk would also be on livestream for all members of staff across the ITV network who wanted to watch it from their desks! What an incredible feeling.

I started the talk with the words “It is my job to inspire people, and if I can inspire one person in this room to start engaging in physical activity, or one person to finally start using the gym membership that they pay for every month and never use, then my work here is done!”


I spoke about where I get all my energy from: Music. I spoke about my love of dancing from an early age, lurking around record shops from the age of 15, and dancing on stage with Basement Jaxx at the Manchester Apollo aged 17. Also my work in radio, drumming in the band Womb (2011) and going on tour with my current band ILL (2012 – now), releasing our album last year and much more. I spoke about my unconventional route into regular exercise, and my career in fitness and wellbeing that followed.


Listeners heard about the fact that I love my job, working as a full time fitness instructor, Zumba instructor, and personal trainer at Manchester Met, delivering one on one PT sessions to students who are struggling with mental health. The success of the Exercises Referral Scheme has been brilliant so far. I shared feedback from students.


Photo by Molly Darlington

I spoke about working to raise awareness about important campaigns such as Mental Health Awareness Week, and This Girl Can:

With regard to inspiring others, I mentioned the expression “If you see one, you can be one.” (Referenced recently by Cerys Matthews on her brilliant BBC Radio 6 Music show) and I invited the audience to think about people in their lives who inspire them, and how they can put what they see into practice.

Then came the PowerPoint slides about 3 badass women in my life who *really* inspire me.

I spoke about the serious health benefits of Zumba, yoga, weightlifting and I noticed people making notes. YES PEOPLE! Then came the part where I spoke about how different types of exercise have significantly enhanced my mind, body and soul, and how grateful I am right now.


Photo by Nigel Maitland

Fantastic questions at the end too. Thank you so much for having me Helen and your wonderful team! STILL BUZZING!

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