Monday Morning Fitness Motivation!


This list inspires me every time I read it. It is amazing to see so many different ways that exercise can be good for you. I’m about to start my week by smashing out a 30 minute yoga session listening to Roxy Music!

If you want to see results in your fitness programme, you need to be exercising on a regular basis in order to keep your muscles engaged. This leads muscles adapting to exercises, then you can increase the intensity with progressions on exercises your body is used to, along with new exercises and new training methods. This leads to toning. You need to be training at least 3 times each week in order to make changes in your body, you will feel great for it too!

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This week I’ve experienced some major breakthrough moments in my career as a personal trainer and fitness instructor.

Best feedback ever for my university fitness classes, more uni fitness classes to come in the new year, and extra sessions too! I won a fitness competition at work, and my new fitness class in Alexandra Park was a success on the first night!

I delivered my final Females In Training Class of the term, of 2017, at Manchester Metropoltian University (look how happy and healthy everyone looks in the end of term photo) I love it how all the female staff and students got together for the photo after the session and ended up looking a bit like a sports team!


So many people have kept coming back, week in, week out, every Tuesday, learning new exercises and progressions, seeing their fitness levels increase and making new friends along the way.

I’v been informed that my Females In Training Classes at MMU have been consistently the highest attended fitness classes this year, and that because of such a high demand, I will be continuing the classes in the new year, with the addition of Thursday classes too!

ROLL ON 2018!!!


On Wednesday I went into Pure Gym Spinningfields, smashed out a fitness challenge for a laugh and won! I was leading the festive ‘Snowball Slam Challenge’ of as many 4KG medicine ball throw downs in one minute. I was leading female and male participants , with my 42 slams in 60 seconds! I made sure I used correct form, engaging my core at all times, knees behind toes, and exhaling on the throw down. This is a great workout for burning loads of calories, working your arms, core, back and legs. My pulse was RACING!!!


And later that night:


On Wednesday night I delivered my first Women’s Legs Bums and Tums Tone Class at Coffee Cranks Cafe in Alexandra Park, Manchester. I brought fairy lights, yoga mats, my Bluetooth speakers and an uplifting 90s house playlist!

All participants enjoyed the session and said they will be back next week (next week is the final class of the year before Christmas. 7-8pm £5 entry. Then classes will resume on Wednesday January 10th 2018) We had some laughs, we all got a sweat on, and everyone left with a smile their face. One participant commented after the cool down stretches, “We’ll be walking like cowboys tomorrow!”

This MMU Girl Can Week is HERE!!! #ThisMMUGirlCan

IMG_0652It is a real honour to be involved with #ThisMMUGirlCan Week – working with the iconic and extremely inspiring This Girl Can campaign – at Manchester Metropolitan University – and it all kicks off today!

Tomorrow, female students and staff will be coming to my Tuesday evening Females In Training / F.I.T Classes to sign a pledge to break down barriers to participation in physical activity for women and girls, and to encourage everyone to get involved.

Check me out jumping around in this #ThisMMUGirlCan video!

You can find more info about the schedule on Twitter:

#ThisMMUGirlCan #ThisBUCSGirlCan

So many students turned up to my FEMLES IN TRAINING CLASSES last night!


Last night I started the first session ‘Legs and Bums’ asking for a show of hands “Who knows the importance of today, globally?” And I was impressed to see that a lot of students knew that it was World Mental Health Day. I urged everyone to give themselves a pat on the back (which we all actually did lol) for turning up to classes like these, engaging in physical activity. We spoke about the importance of exercise and specifically group exercise, for lifting the mood and maintaining good mental wellbeing and I ensured that everyone will leave today’s sessions feeling great! I blasted loads of female fronted 90s house anthems (From Inner City – Good Life, to Black Box – Ride On Time) in the MMU Brooks Sports Hall and we got right into it! #feelgoodfitness #worldmentalhealthday

#WorldMentalHealthDay 💚 Get active. Stay healthy.

PT sessions with new clients ✅ done. One on one yoga session with one of my heroes Dana Baniel 🙌🏼 done. Now planning a really uplifting female fronted 90s house playlist for my FEMALES IN TRAINING CLASSES tonight at Manchester Metropolitan University! 18:00 Legs and Bums // 18:30 Ab Attack at Brooks Sports Hall.

Look how many staff and students came to my classes last week! I am so excited for tonight’s sessions! #femalesintrainingclasses #suchagoodfeeling #MMUSport #keepmoving #worldmentalhealthday IMG_0567