Post-Easter Bank Holiday Gym Workout Motivation

Ready for a detox? Wanting to reconnect with your mind, body and soul? 3 words: Yoga With Adriene. Fit regular yoga sessions with this awesome instructor into your weekly routine and you will never look back.

A lot of people have over indulged over the Easter bank holiday weekend. Many  people in the gym have expressed that today is their first day back after quite a few days off!

I spoke with one of our gym regulars: Austin, a pro-basketball player for the Manchester Giants! He’s over here from Dallas and he always looks like he’s in-the-zone as soon as he comes to train in the gym.


I asked him if he could say 3 TOP TIPS for workout motivation. He came up with some great answers:


1. Your biggest struggle with motivation is if you start initiating, doubting or coming up with excuses. The moment you start to second guess, grab your gym bag and move!

2. Create a motivational playlist. 15-20 songs that fire you up.

3. Get a workout buddy, someone to hold you accountable.


What motivates you to train? Why not write a list, so that if you lack motivation one day, you can read your words and feel gym-ready!

I always tell my PT clients to have a strong idea, a vision of what they want to look like, at the front of their mind when they are finding reasons not to train. Visualisation techniques can work for motivation and inspiration for all kinds of activities.

Also the more you train, the more you’ll see the results you’re working so hard to achieve, you’ll lift your mood and feel good too.

It is so important to train regularly, for mental wellbeing, sleep, to maintain strength and muscle tone, and to ultimately continue to improve your fitness level.

Did you know that we can lose our fitness level quite quickly? The good news is that muscle memory is a powerful thing and we can get our fitness level back quite quickly too!


I always find This Girl Can really motivational and inspiring! What an amazing campaign. I can’t still remember the tingles I got down my spine when I saw the first This Girl Can video in 2015!

This Girl Can did more video campaigns, and this particular video is off-the-scale! With Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Women spoken word… Just watch, learn and feel your motivation to get physically active RISE!

Training for the Manchester 10K Run on Sunday May 20th? Check this out for a THRILLING track to run to. Thank you for the heads up Deb Jump! It really inspires me to find momentum and keep pushing through. I enjoy working out (and teaching classes) to this so much.

If you’re training for a run, wanting to learn more about running techniques or increase your cardiovascular endurance, download the Nike+ Run App. Or if Apps aren’t your bag, check their Nike+ Run Club website. It’s simple, easy to use and it WILL inspire you!

I’m about to smash out a workout myself, so keep it locked for my next blog post which will be my favourite musical motivators in my spin classes at the moment at Platt Lane Sports Complex! COMING SOON 🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️

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Spring is here! It’s time to get more DAYLIGHT and NATURE!

The clocks go forward tonight, the days are getting longer and everyone should get out more!

I took this photo this time last year in Chorlton Water Park:


Check out Lauren Laverne’s SPRING THEMED PEOPLE’S PLAYLIST to get all enchanted by the fact that spring is here!

As someone who spends a lot of time working indoors in a gym, I absolutely love embracing daylight, getting out in nature and breathing fresh air into my lungs.


Living in Manchester is amazing, but is so important to get away from the buzz of the city, to notice both stillness and movement in nature.

Getting in touch with nature really is so good for you. It can even enhance kindness and creativity.


Being outside in daylight can relieve anxiety, reduce depression, enhance memory, boost your immune system, treat skin conditions, strengthen bones and much more.

Tree-hugging: Yes, I’m not messing! Evidence shows that experiencing genuine connection with nature, specifically tree-hugging can be highly beneficial.


Nature is spellbinding. It is no surprise that Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II was critically acclaimed and had the highest viewing figure in 2017.

Let’s get cosmic. Attenborough has now been honoured with a blue whale constellation! This is brilliant!


Let’s get deep. In order to celebrate the change of season – and the fact that we can actually get outside and get active without being ice cold – I asked friends to share poems about the great outdoors, and stories of special memories in nature. I hope these words encourage you to think about your own happy memories in nature / outdoors / at this time of year, and inspire you to dust off your walking boots or running shoes, and get out more!

But first, I urge you to look around you, and think about where you can go and get close to nature.

If you like walking outdoors, why not try out the group exercise experience known as Walkfit?


Walkfit is all about mixing walking with fun and challenging activities, low impact team games and paired exercises.

In Manchester, you can do Walkfit in Bruntood Park:

Wednesday 19:00 – 20:00 / Friday 10:00 – 11:00 / Sunday 10:00 – 11:00

Or you could just go for a stroll in any of these wonderful parks and gardens in Manchester. Fletcher Moss is especially magical and enchanting, exemplified in this fantastic video, filmed and directed by Lee Baxter, featuring David Hoyle & The Co-Dependants… Let Go & Move On:

Hulme Community Garden Centre is just brilliant. GET DOWN TO THEIR BIRTHDAY PARTY – Saturday 31st March!


Fallowfield Secret Garden Community Project is also really beautiful and friendly. The entrance is a pathway situated between two houses on Wilbraham Road. Blink and you’ll miss it, but if you find it, you’re in for a real treat.


Here are some truly special words from friends and famous writers about being at one with nature:

Thank you Bindi:

‘The time I wept before a waterfall. I  found its beauty pained me to the point I kept having to look away, and it was a simple waterfall not near as ‘majestic’ as many I had come across and yet there I was, situated in the foothills of Northern India near the banks of the Ganjes, crying before it and having to look away at junctures.

But added to this and important, as I am not sure it would have happened like this otherwise, were two things and the most important comes last. First was I had entered the cavity of it, into the cave, its womb if you prefer, with its ancient drip by drip stalagmites and stalactites. It was after when dressing in the open air and looking at the velvety moss covered outside with its twinkling drew drops and falling water that I broke open from the inside and wept (This a new way of seeing it as write to you about it now! So thank you!)

The most important factor I feel was the fact that I was a few days in of a 5 day personal vow of silence and I have come to know that it is in these time of shutting out the chatter chatter that life springs more vividly and easy into a place of awe and reverence. I am certain that had I not been in a silent inner place and more observant to all, this connection would probably not have occurred. This, as you may well imagine, was a pretty big turning point for me, thus it was the first to spring to mind. After such an experience how can you not seek or attempt to have many more such experiences of connection such as this! It was a portal into new experience of the world (and no hallucinogens!)

It was a wow moment and even writing this very sentence has made my eyes wet! Perhaps without intending to I have made my share! Thank you for suggesting and encouraging such a beautiful thing that we remember and revere the beauty of original nature, and I hope in so doing that we recall our inseparable connection to and of it ❤


Thank you Emily for introducing me to this Ted Hughes poem:

This house has been far out at sea all night,
The woods crashing through darkness, the booming hills,
Winds stampeding the fields under the window
Floundering black astride and blinding wet

Till day rose; then under an orange sky
The hills had new places, and wind wielded
Blade-light, luminous black and emerald,
Flexing like the lens of a mad eye.

At noon I scaled along the house-side as far as
The coal-house door. Once I looked up –
Through the brunt wind that dented the balls of my eyes
The tent of the hills drummed and strained its guyrope,

The fields quivering, the skyline a grimace,
At any second to bang and vanish with a flap;
The wind flung a magpie away and a black-
Back gull bent like an iron bar slowly. The house

Rang like some fine green goblet in the note
That any second would shatter it. Now deep
In chairs, in front of the great fire, we grip
Our hearts and cannot entertain book, thought,

Or each other. We watch the fire blazing,
And feel the roots of the house move, but sit on,
Seeing the window tremble to come in,
Hearing the stones cry out under the horizons.


Photo by Lucy Oldfield

Thank you Rebecca:

Taking time to be green spaces or close to water is essential for the mind, body and spirit.


Thank you Harri:

I am not a runner. I’m more like a sofa, energetically speaking. A sofa with lots of coins and lego bricks down the sides of it. Squashy and a bit worn.

It took a long time to become so comfortable. I started out OK, little bean bag full of beans, but I grew a lot of lumps and knobbles through my twenties, then spikes and wires and in my early 30s I lost my mind.

I was staying at Crisis Point in Levenshulme. It’s a mental health recovery short-stay place, a few days to re-solder your wiring and straighten your beams. For the first few days I mostly just cried and made minimal progress on a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

But one morning, I suddenly found myself running. I ran out of my room, I ran down the stairs, out of the door and down the road. I had no idea of a destination, but the sun was shining and the air was crisp and it felt good so I kept going.

A few turns, a couple of briges and I was on a tree lined lane, going uphill, and a voice in my head said quietly:


I stopped, and for the first time in months, I looked around me. Really looked, and listened. I could hear birdsong bright over the soft sussuration of traffic far away, and leaves pattering on the trees. I could see shoots and buds on branches, pine cones on a dry old pine.

Perhaps I can’t explain to you, if you’ve never been a broken umbrella or a dangerously- soldered toaster, if you’ve never been missing from your body, if your soul has never threatened to give up on you. But I think these experiences are more common than we like to acknowledge.

That first moment of peace and happiness was like waking up and realising everything I thought was life, had only been a nightmare. Like I hadn’t realised I was thirsty until I started to drink clean cold water. Like I’d suddenly flipped the right way up. Running again with my arms out like an aeroplane, laughing and jumping.

That was the start of a long journey, of softening and finally shedding those painful edges, of learning to get on with the world. I’m still not a runner, but I take walks all the time, up the fallowfield loop, past that old dry pine tree, to Birchfields park, to smell the trees and hear the stream, to thank nature for making me well, and to feel truly happy.


Photo by Pollyanna Crane

Thank you David:

More than once I wondered when and where I was most at home.

In the morning when the sun
Made me forget what I had done
And what it was I was to do
It seemed as though I never knew

In the evening when the moon
Made the past seem so soon
What had gone so long before
No more then would I ignore

Below this cosmic chandelier
What is there still for me to fear?
Over the fields where we walked
Of what was it there we talked?

Below those old old oaken beams
There I sank into my dreams
Sprawled on the sofa beneath your cat
Would once again I sleep like that.


Photo by Zak Hane

Thank you Jane for introducing me to these words of wisdom:

“We have learned we are like amphibians: we can live on land, but not forever, not without trips to the water and to home. Overly civilised and overly oppressive cultures try to keep women from returning home. Too often, she is warned away from water, until she is thin as a dime and dimmed in light.”

Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés



View at

During Nutrition & Hydration Week 2018 The Lovely Eggs talk about FOOD!


In my opinion, they’re one of the best bands on the planet. Holly and David are from Lancaster. They make awesome music and  they tour the UK and beyond – living the punk rock lifestyle – all the time. They’ve just finished a pretty much sell out UK tour with support from Phill Jupitus and Mr Ben & the Bens. They’re everything a band should be, and of course, they’ve got amazing taste in music.


Their live shows bring the wildest energy, with an infectious fun and down to earth attitude. I’ve seen them play many a time, and every time I leave a gig, my face is hurting from laughing and smiling so much! LOOK HOW HAPPY I WAS WHEN THEY PLAYED MY 30TH BIRTHDAY PARTY!


Their dedication to keeping it real, keeping it DIY and supporting local music scenes is so refreshing. It is no surprise that they have such a massive following, and here is one of the many reasons why. They invite people to see the world from their eyes, and food plays a big part in this (as well as their obsessions with Twin Peaks, Richard Brautigan, and their passion for partying, and encouraging people to absolutley lose themselves in music) I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE for what this band is about!


To raise awareness about Nutrition & Hydration Week, I asked Holly and David a few questions about food! Photos by Darren Andrews.

Food pops up a lot in your music. Could you elaborate on your love of food?
I’m just quite interested in something that is a bodily function, like an actual live or die necessity but people take so much enjoyment in it. It fascinates me. I think it’s more a philosophical thing and what food represents than the actual eating of food itself.

What are your favourite kinds of food?
To be honest usually in the realms of junk. You can’t beat a good pizza or a veggie burger. Also chips, onion rings, maybe a pasty you know that kind of s**t. I mean don’t get us wrong we eat healthy too but we’ve been brought up on junk, lived on junk all through our partying days and you still can’t beat a bit of it!


What sort of things do you eat when you’re on tour?
It’s usually pizza! And there’s a LOT of carrot sticks and houmous knocking about! Can’t beat a home cooked meal when yer on tour though. Just love a proper tea.

1BDFDC14-6DBC-4F97-B54A-F093E2BD9610Your music videos are surreal, psychedelic, playful and fun. Could you say a few words about the ideas behind the iconic music videos for your (food related) tracks ‘Food’, ‘Magic Onion’ and ‘Allergies’?
Well Food came really naturally cos it had LOADS of imagery about food in it. In that song I wanted to blur the lines between sex and food cos for some people they love eating so much they think it’s better than sex. So In that song I wanted to create a story around a couple who just come together once a month to eat!

That’s how powerful food can be! Food can make everything better. Can’t it? So I liked the weird idea of a platonic relationship based around food. So with that it was a bit slapstick, just bunging as many images of weird food there as we could and of course there’s the couple snogging whilst eating at the same time. They were complete strangers you know!

In Magic Onion, well the onion isn’t really edible in that one it’s just representative of the many layers of life and the universe.

In Allergies, Casey Raymond (the director) just did loads of egg related images in it cos he knew I hated them. He likes to find out what pisses you off and then does it. That’s why he put my face in an omelette. Cos he knew I hated egg puns. He might say different but I know that was the real reason! He is one of our best mates though and it is an amazing video so he is allowed!!

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?

ANYTHING while drunk. It always tastes the best!!


Thank you Holly and David ❤️

Listen to this beautiful track they wrote about their friend who passed away, using all kinds of food related language to show that they would have loved to have been able to protect and look after him:

One more thing! Watemelons is really cute too:

And if all of this wasn’t exciting enough, they have a new album out: THIS IS EGGLAND! Words can’t describe how much I love this album. From start to finish. It is perfection. It is a thing of uplifting psychedelic surreal pop punk bliss. It is their best album, ever.


If you like raw originality, musicality and humour, and would like to hear more of their tracks about things other than food, check out their brilliant back catalogue, check out their new album and go see them play in Manchester on 5th May! They’re playing The Ritz with The Membranes, Sink Ya Teeth, The Cravats and more… GET YOUR TICKETS HERE AND GET INVOLVED!

Feast your eyes on this SPELLBINDING VIDEO for their latest single Wiggy Giggy! Eat your heart out!

It’s Nutrition & Hydration Week! @NHWeek #NHWeek2018


And today I’m going to share some fascinating information about food and water!

Since learning these things about these types of food, I actively fit these foods into my diet more and I really do feel healthier!

Let’s start with HONEY7421445F-6CD3-475F-9692-D7CE40E81029

Honey helps with allergies, boosts your memory and energy levels, prevents coughs, reduces problems with sleeping and dandruff, can heal scrapes and burns, helps soothe acid reflux, boosts the immune system, can help prevent and fight cancer, gum disease, it can enhance sex drive and much more! But beware, too much honey can affect your insulin levels!

Honey has been used by humans for thousands of years! 


Garlic contains a compound called Allicin, which has potent medicinal properties. Garlic is highly nutritious (A 1 ounce serving of garlic contains, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, iron, also contains trace amounts of various other nutrients) and low calorie, it can combat parasites and the common cold, it can reduce blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, and it contains antioxidants that may prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. It can help you detoxify heavy metals from your body, improve athletic performance and may even help you live longer.


Eating lemon, or having freshly squeezed lemon in hot water can help with digestion, it boosts your immune system, supports your heart, clears your skin, prevents kidney stones, protects against anemia and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Lemon can also reduce the risk of getting cancer.


(Getty Images)

Chilli contains a massive amount of vitamin C and can fight sinus congestion, aid digestion and relieve migraines and muscle, joint and nerve pain. It can boost metabolism leading to weight loss. It also contains vitamins A and E, beta-carotene, folic acid and potassium. For a long time chilli has been used to reduce food micro-contamination. Studies have shown that it may also play a role in treating lung and prostate cancer and leukaemia.


Raw or cooked ginger can improve bone health, treat diarrhoea, remove excess gas, aid digestion, prevent cancer, disinfect and detoxify, increase sex drive, relieve menstral cramps, reduces nausea and treats flu.


@MMUSport shared this earlier: Can you believe that water is needed (so much) for all of these parts of the body?!


I’ve been reading Amelia Freer’s writing around nutrition and I *highly* recommend her book EAT. NOURISH. GLOW. It is the best book I’ve ever read about nutrition. Her book NOURISH & GLOW: THE 10-DAY PLAN is also really helpful. She dissects behaviours around eating and instead of focusing on what you ‘can’t eat’, she pioneers Positive Nutrition:


Eating the right type of food really can help you feel healthier, reduce the risk of loads of illnesses, and fuel energy, growth, repair… LIFE!

International Women’s Day / Week!

Reflections on a brilliant week, International Women’s Day and this weekend.

I spent a lot of Monday and Tuesday preparing for one of the highlights of my career to date. On Tuesday evening, I delivered 2 F.I.T Classes as part of the #MMUSylvia programme of events at Manchester Metropolitan University, celebrating the life and contribution of Sylvia Pankhurst.

I started the first session talking about some of the fascinating things that’s Sylvia did, and reminded everyone to take a moment, and think about the fact that it’s thanks to Sylvia and so many other women, that women like us have th right to be enjoying big exercise classes in an educational establishment! We linked our workout to the fact that it’s 100 years since the first set of women were given the right to vote in this country, and over the course of 2 sessions, everyone did 100 squats, 100 lunges, 100 push ups, 100 seconds holding plank, and much more!

Students listened intently, asked questions and then went on to smash out 2 amazing fitness sessions!


In in relation to women in sport right now, women are still hugely underrepresented in the list of the highest paid athletes in 2017.

However, here’s a list of the most influential women in sport right now! Look and learn!

This Girl Can is an incredible campaign. So effective and so cool. I’m grateful to have been involved in the campaign earlier this year at MMU Sport, during #ThisMMUGirlCan Week.

On International Women’s Day I enjoyed listening to a Lauren Laverne interview with movie goddess, campaigner and director, Susan Sarandon. Highly recommended listening. Listen now!



I then smashed out my Thursday evening spin class and high intensity interval training sessions at Platt Plane Sports Complex, with sensational female-fronted playlists!


Check out this photo album I compiled of awe inspiring images of women in sport from times before!

Last night my band played a super cool women-led club night in Leeds! We really enjoyed sharing the stage with FEMALE TROUBLE. All proceeds from the event are going to SARSVL (Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds)


And tonight, I can’t wait to go dancing at The Refuge, Manchester. It’s the Suffragette City closing party with a whole host of amazing women DJs from the Manchester music scene and beyond!




University Mental Health Day 2018

Today is University Mental Health Day, the national campaign that promotes the mental health of people who live, work and study in Higher Education settings, with a special focus on the importance of community.


I absolutely love my job as a fitness instructor, delivering classes at MMU Sport and personal training sessions.

Physical activity is so good for mental health. Especially group exercise:DBD4370D-1952-41BF-B605-8B4D5DF139AB

I asked 2 of the regulars at my MMU Sport F.I.T Classes some questions about exercise and mental wellbeing:

1) What types of exercise do you enjoy?
Emily: I enjoy running – the ability to completely lose worry in the momentum of your own body and surroundings, and also cycling. In terms of being part of a room of people exercising and feeling part of that unitive mood, I love aerobics classes – Fiona’s in particular. I had not attended classes like this before and was massively pleasantly surprised. I felt motivated and encouraged.
Zarina: I enjoy ab exercises, yoga poses and squats.

2) How does exercise make you feel?
Emily: It makes me feel empowered and that my body is capable of more than I initially assumed. It helps build strength; internal and external.
Zarina: Exercise makes me feel refreshed, calmer and I always feel like I achieved something when I do it.

3) What does self-care mean to you?
Emily: Making time for myself only to nourish and maintain my body. I need to do this more!
Zarina: Self-care means taking care with your sleep, eating well and having some time to yourself (even it involves being slightly selfish)

4) How do you practice self-care?
Emily: I will occasionally have a bath with candles and music. Also going for long walks and cooking for myself/ friends.
Zarina: I practice self-care by eating well and having the occasional treat. I always make sure I sleep for 8 hours and I buy myself a little treat, like a plant.

5) What would you say to someone who is struggling to practice self-care?
Emily: Remember that you are worth it and you have the power within you to make yourself feel positive. Smile.
Zarina: Learn how to say no, the world won’t end if you decide you need to rest. Do something different once in a while and don’t feel guilty.

Thank you Emily and Zarina and keep up the good work!

Today I’ve been sitting at the gym reception, reading chapters from this bundle of photocopies I got from various textbooks during my PT course:


Did you know that exercise also boosts self-esteem?
Self-esteem can be described as a multidimensional and hierarchical construct that is important for wellbeing and mental health, is strongly influenced by one’s physical self-perception (Crow and Edmunds, 2014)

The relationship between self-esteem and physical activity is bidirectional: participation in physical activity increases self-esteem, and greater self-esteem is associated with increased physical activity (Crow and Edmunds, 2014)

I’ve also been reading loads of interesting and helpful articles online about mental wellbeing, see resources below.

Good Mood Food is so important. Being creative is also good for mental health!

Check out this TED Talk about the brain-changing effects of exercise!

Also – There are a few talks left in this ongoing course about anxiety for MMU students.

More information about MMU workshops and counselling can be found here.

One more thing! Listening to this excellent pop hit by Baz Luhrmann ALWAYS puts things into perspective and brings a smile to my face!


One month in at my new job! I love it here at MMU Sport!

A few words from the gym reception, about my first month as a full time Health and Fitness Instructor at Platt Lane Sports Complex!


I have been teaching all kinds of classes and receiving all kinds of amazing feedback – every single day I come into work – for classes like: Boot Camp, Box Fit, Spin, Circuits, LBT, HIIT, Core Zone and Ab Attack.

My ongoing F.I.T (Females In Training) Classes – the highest attended fitness classes throughout the university, that have been growing and growing since September – have become so highly attended that in January we had to cap the class at 70 participants max, for health and safety reasons!


Participants now have to register online to able to participate, and still, people have to be turned away each week. So many female staff and students are enjoying these feel good, fun fitness classes in a non-judgemental environment, with high energy music and new exercises each week. I really can see people’s fitness and confidence levels growing each month, which is the best feeling!

I really like the staff here and the gym members (students and members of the local community) I’ve been made to feel so welcome from day one.

On the morning of my first ever spin class, one of my managers brought me a black coffee in a superhero mug and gave me a brand new MMU Sport water bottle (much needed for spin) and I was so excited!


I then went on to smash out my first spin class and loved it! After the session I took a photo of the happy gym members with the steamy mirrors!


I took more photos after some pretty awesome High Intensity Interval Training sessions. Notice that the mirror is more steamy in the second photo as I’m pushing people more and the studio is now getting HOTTER AND HOTTER!



If I had to choose a favourite class to teach, I would say it is impossible to say, because at the start of every session, I always feel like this could be the most enjoyable class I’ve ever done. In group exercise classes, it’s all about the shared experience: the energy that the instructor brings, along with the energy that the participants bring. Preparation and playlists are highly important too!

I also love the fact that I can sit and plan sessions, whilst watching basketball teams training on my break, sometimes with the viewing gallery all to myself! The acoustics in the shiny new sports hall are amazing!


I’ve been doing gym inductions with people who are completely new to exercise. One new gym member said “Thank you so much Fiona, I was nervous for a whole week about coming to the gym for the first time, and you have made everything so simple. I now wake up every morning and the first thing I think about is exercise. I love it!”

Had a full studio for my Valentine’s Day spin class! I got everyone to make love hearts with their hands in the steamy mirrors after the highly intense intermediate spin session so we could send love across social media.


New gym members giving it their all in one of my Box Fit sessions:


I also did some filming for MMU University Mental Health Day (coming up in March) I spoke on camera about all the things I do to keep good mental health. Things like: regular exercise, eating a balanced nutritious diet, drinking lots of water, going out dancing, experiencing culture and live music, being around good people: people I trust and admire, friends who respect and support each other, getting out in nature, being kind to myself, making time for relaxation, and practicing self-care.


I’ve now been appointed as the Wellbeing Ambassador at Platt Lane Sports Complex. I am passionate about mental health awareness and the importance of looking after your physical and emotional wellbeing. I’m so happy to be working with awesome staff at MMU Sport to promote new ideas and incentives for gym members, students and members of the local community with regard to fitness and wellbeing. Video blogs coming soon, watch this space!

Goodbye Pure Gym Spinningfields and Hello MMU Sport!


SO LONG! FAREWELL! Today was my final shift at Pure Gym Spinningfields.

A huge thank you to everyone – both PTs and gym members! I’ve worked alongside some truly awe-inspiring PTs, with some truly brilliant clients who I enjoy working with. I’ve helped people see real changes in their bodies, their cardiovascular endurance and their strength. I’ve received some great feedback.

I’ve delivered Bootcamp, Tone, Fatburn, Circuits and Abs classes. I’ve learned so much about personal training and the fitness industry in 7 months. I’ve made new friends, and now I’m chasing my dream, starting my new job as a full time fitness instructor TOMORROW at @manmetuni @mmusport!!!

Shame I didn’t get chance to get some snaps of some of the amazing female PTs who weren’t in today, shout out to all of you! Especially the Queen of Zumba @meganmilwardfitness and the Queen of Lifting @pt_schack! Big strong hugs! Keep smashing it all of you 💪🏽💚


Monday Morning Fitness Motivation!


This list inspires me every time I read it. It is amazing to see so many different ways that exercise can be good for you. I’m about to start my week by smashing out a 30 minute yoga session listening to Roxy Music!

If you want to see results in your fitness programme, you need to be exercising on a regular basis in order to keep your muscles engaged. This leads muscles adapting to exercises, then you can increase the intensity with progressions on exercises your body is used to, along with new exercises and new training methods. This leads to toning. You need to be training at least 3 times each week in order to make changes in your body, you will feel great for it too!

#startyourweekwell #keepmoving #stayhealthy


This week I’ve experienced some major breakthrough moments in my career as a personal trainer and fitness instructor.

Best feedback ever for my university fitness classes, more uni fitness classes to come in the new year, and extra sessions too! I won a fitness competition at work, and my new fitness class in Alexandra Park was a success on the first night!

I delivered my final Females In Training Class of the term, of 2017, at Manchester Metropoltian University (look how happy and healthy everyone looks in the end of term photo) I love it how all the female staff and students got together for the photo after the session and ended up looking a bit like a sports team!


So many people have kept coming back, week in, week out, every Tuesday, learning new exercises and progressions, seeing their fitness levels increase and making new friends along the way.

I’v been informed that my Females In Training Classes at MMU have been consistently the highest attended fitness classes this year, and that because of such a high demand, I will be continuing the classes in the new year, with the addition of Thursday classes too!

ROLL ON 2018!!!


On Wednesday I went into Pure Gym Spinningfields, smashed out a fitness challenge for a laugh and won! I was leading the festive ‘Snowball Slam Challenge’ of as many 4KG medicine ball throw downs in one minute. I was leading female and male participants , with my 42 slams in 60 seconds! I made sure I used correct form, engaging my core at all times, knees behind toes, and exhaling on the throw down. This is a great workout for burning loads of calories, working your arms, core, back and legs. My pulse was RACING!!!


And later that night:


On Wednesday night I delivered my first Women’s Legs Bums and Tums Tone Class at Coffee Cranks Cafe in Alexandra Park, Manchester. I brought fairy lights, yoga mats, my Bluetooth speakers and an uplifting 90s house playlist!

All participants enjoyed the session and said they will be back next week (next week is the final class of the year before Christmas. 7-8pm £5 entry. Then classes will resume on Wednesday January 10th 2018) We had some laughs, we all got a sweat on, and everyone left with a smile their face. One participant commented after the cool down stretches, “We’ll be walking like cowboys tomorrow!”