Client Testimonials


‘My virtual PT sessions with Fiona have been an absolute gamechanger in the last few months. I’d been struggling with my mental health as lockdown continued and was lacking motivation to exercise.

Fiona has put together amazing sessions that build my confidence back up and push my fitness levels – and having loads of new exercises to put together is keeping me motivated between sessions.

In 6 weeks I feel physically stronger, am sleeping better and emotionally feel calmer and more grounded. I’d previously struggled to find a PT I gelled with but Fiona’s attitude is so positive and encouraging and her focus on mental wellbeing as well as physical health is exactly what I needed. Our sessions genuinely feel like a treat and proper self-care.’


‘I have LOVED my PT sessions with Fiona. She really took the time to understand my motivations and goals and any concerns I had.

Fiona helped me to challenge myself and build up strength in problem areas like my lower back and weak knee. Based on our sessions together, Fiona helped me to learn the skills and confidence to develop my own work outs to suit my time frame and energy levels.

She’s just a pleasure to work with, those sessions have been the highlight of my week and the feel good vibes last much longer. Thanks very much, winter lockdown was much better for working together.’


‘Fiona is not just a good personal trainer, she is an inspiration. I am 65 and haven’t seriously exercised for years. Two months ago I was unfit and overweight, today I feel well and better able to cope with life both physically and emotionally. Fiona has developed a programme of exercises which appear to be tailor made for me. She is an excellent communicator; her instructions are clear and easy to follow. She pushes me but is aware of my limitations. She wastes no time, the sessions are very concentrated and increase in intensity each week and I always leave with an optimistic skip in my step. She has inspired me to exercise on my own and I have managed, to my own surprise, to incorporate exercise into my daily life.

I have no hesitation in recommending Fiona, her knowledge of anatomy is scholarly, she is highly organised and reliable but perhaps more importantly she brings imagination and creativity into a field that I once regarded as dull, hard work and a bit painful.

Fiona has changed my life as a result of her work and I am sure her passion for fitness and well being will change the lives of many as she develops her career.’


‘I booked in with Fiona having realised that I had become seriously unfit, to the extent one of my long term goals was to feel comfortable walking upstairs. Having had a couple of sessions my long term goals have already shifted to wanting to go running.

Fiona was sympathetic and interested in my personal requirements and goals. She had clearly thought out work to be done based on my personal situation and has demonstrated that she continues to consider my progress as a starting point for the work to be done. Beyond that, she makes the session fun: it’s fast paced, with great music and full of encouragement. After the first session I bounded home and spent the rest of the day getting stuff done. This increased energy has sustained as well as a feeling of wellness, starting to feel my posture is improving, greater day to day strength and an interest in finding time to fit in the homework sessions she sends out. All of this is a result of exercise but I clearly needed someone to encourage and manage my fitness. I wasn’t actually doing anything about it without support.

Fiona’s added value has been her interest and enthusiasm and attention paid to individual needs. My son is also training with her and I am aware that Fiona did further research to make sure she could offer him the specific support he needs. He also came out of the session full of enthusiasm, to the extent he turned down a night out rather than miss his next session. He has tried personal trainers before but never felt as comfortable as he does with Fiona. He faces a range of barriers to personal fitness but Fiona has considered this in her approach and made him feel he can reclaim his body.
It helps that Fiona is such a humorous, vibrant, intelligent person. Her enthusiasm and focus on possibilities is key to the success we are achieving.’


I started working with Fiona to grow my confidence in the gym and improve my attitude towards working out and every week I find myself looking forward to our next session. Her knowledge of techniques allows her to make every session different and exciting and is tailored perfectly to help you reach your goals. I have noticed such a quick change in my general fitness levels and have noticeably more toned ‘wobbly areas’.

Fiona is a great coach and educator on how to take positive and possible steps towards a healthier lifestyle. She has helped make exercising in public, something that not too long ago seemed so daunting, fun and enjoyable! I find myself laughing and smiling all the way through our sessions! She has the highest level of commitment to each of her clients, sending motivational messages just when you need it most and setting ‘homework’ workouts that you can still fit around your routine whilst achieving your desired results. If I’d have known how good exercising regularly makes me feel I would have done this years ago. 

Fiona has also taught me the importance of correct form and how to get the most out of any exercise. She always finds a way to encourage you to push that little bit further each time and she leaves me feeling proud of what I’ve achieved at the end of every session.


Working with Fiona has helped me to become healthy again after an injury to my tendon stopped me exercising and aggravated a back problem. She is a really positive inspiration, developing exercises which I could do without putting a strain on my back. Now I am able to go to Zumba classes again, and have started cycling to work. Her training has not just significantly improved my physical health, but also my mental wellbeing – I feel much more confident and calm as a person.


‘Fiona makes working out fun, fun, fun, whilst not compromising on getting you the kind of fitness you aim for. What Fiona has provided is simple but effective toning and stamina exercises I can do at home or at work using just that ‘rubber stretchy band thing’, which to be honest I was sceptical about at first. Fiona carefully works out your needs by asking the appropriate questions and creates bespoke exercises which are designed to push you but never so hard that you feel it is a chore. The ‘rubber stretchy band thing’ has done more for toning than decades of using machines and loose weights. Fiona is brilliant at listening to what you say you need and also calculating what you actually need (these things are not always the same!) and makes suggestions without patronising or being too pushy. I also admire her knowledge of human physiology as she takes time to explain which muscles are being challenged for every exercise. This is science and art in harmony. She also takes time to construct a bespoke appropriate routine you can do in your own time and sends timely occasional reminders or suggestions by emails. I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough. Getting fit should be fun, otherwise it’s easy to lapse back to a plate of doughnuts out of boredom. Fitness fun with Fiona – it’s ‘F’ in’ brilliant!’


‘If you are considering hiring Fiona for your PT, please do not hesitate. Call and sign up! Fiona will create a bespoke programme for your needs, goals, and mind-body. What impresses me about Fiona are: she does an in-depth intake/induction; she prepares for sessions; she provides feedback and workout routines; she gives strong and realistic encouragement in the face of any negativity and limitations on client’s part; she can work around injuries and still meet PT goals; ahe is flexible, thoughtful, and reliable. Most of all, Fiona is a feminist. That doesn’t mean she only works with females. She also trained and motivated my 14 year old son. We are both still training. Fiona values people and our differences. I looked forwarded to, and enjoyed, every single session.

I started with Fiona after almost two years of limited activity due to static strain injuries and iron deficient anemia. Fiona helped me to have realistic expectations and routines. Gradually, she helped me regain strength, flexibility and confidence.

My whole family wants to train with Fiona. They know every session is bespoke and valuable. Hire Fiona if you want a great PT experience!! One of the best investments in well-being I have made.’