More Awesome Feedback from my Zumba Classes!


“After your Zumba class I couldn’t stop dancing when I got home!”

“I feel amazing after your Zumba classes, and the high lasts all night and the following morning until lunchtime!”

“It really is true what group exercise and Zumba can do for the soul, I’m coming back every week!”

“I can’t believe that was an hour! It went so quick!”

“I’ve sweat more in your class than I have ever sweat in my whole life!”

“I experienced different pains in my legs the following days after my first Zumba class with you, but my legs are already getting fitter, the soreness has definitely reduced.”


My Zumba classes are 6-7pm every Wednesday at Platt Lane Sports Complex. All fitness levels welcome!

Public £4.70 / MMU Student £4.20 / Other students, MMU & MMC Staff £4.40 / Concession £2.45

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